The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted OutThe User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out

the user trying to submit review is opted out

Encountering the error message “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” can leave you scratching your head in confusion. But fear not, for there are several possible reasons behind this frustrating issue.

One common reason is that the user might have accidentally or intentionally opted out of allowing reviews. It could be a deliberate choice made by the user to maintain their privacy or simply an oversight on their part. Another possibility is that there may be some technical glitch or misconfiguration in the settings, preventing users from submitting reviews.

Fixed! How to Solve the “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” Problem

If you find yourself facing this error message, there are steps you can take to resolve it and get back on track with collecting valuable user reviews. Reach out directly to the user and inquire about their preferences regarding review submission. If they have mistakenly opted out, kindly ask them if they would like to reconsider and explain how important their feedback is for your business.

If it’s a technical issue, check your platform’s settings and ensure that everything is properly configured for review submissions. Double-check any privacy settings or permissions related to reviews and make sure they align with your desired objectives.

Tips for Preventing the Error in the Future

Prevention is always better than cure! To avoid encountering this error message in the future, consider implementing some preventive measures. Make sure that your website or app clearly communicates its review policy at various touchpoints so users understand how crucial their feedback is and feel encouraged to participate.

Regularly review and update your platform’s settings as needed, ensuring that no inadvertent changes have been made which could lead to users being opted out without intending it.

Alternative Options for Submitting Reviews

In cases where a user remains adamant about opting out of submitting a review through traditional means, explore alternative options instead. Offer alternatives such as anonymous surveys or feedback forms to gather valuable insights from users who are apprehensive about leaving reviews. Remember,

Reasons for this Error Message

There can be several reasons why you may encounter the error message “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” when attempting to submit a review. One possible reason is that the user has opted out of receiving review submissions or any communication from the platform.

Another reason could be that the user’s account settings have been modified, resulting in them being marked as opted out. This may happen if they have selected certain preferences or privacy settings that restrict their ability to receive reviews.

Additionally, it is possible that there may be technical issues with the platform itself, leading to errors in processing review submissions. These technical glitches can occur due to system updates, server maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider whether there are any restrictions or limitations on who can leave reviews within a specific platform. Some platforms may require users to meet certain criteria before they can submit reviews, such as being registered members for a certain period or having completed previous transactions.

Fixed! How to Solve the “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” Problem

Fixed! How to Solve the “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” Problem

So, you’ve encountered the dreaded error message: “The user trying to submit a review is opted out.” Don’t panic, because there are ways to fix this issue and ensure that your users can successfully submit their reviews.

One possible reason for this error message is that the user has chosen to opt out of sharing their data. Some individuals may have concerns about privacy or simply prefer not to participate in certain activities online. It’s important to respect their decision and provide alternative options for submitting reviews.

To solve this problem, you can start by reaching out directly to the user who received the error message. Politely explain the situation and offer them an opportunity to change their preferences if they wish. Sometimes, a simple clarification can resolve any misunderstandings.

Tips for Preventing the Error in the Future

1. Keep your profile information up to date: One common reason for encountering the “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” error is when user profiles are incomplete or outdated. Ensure that all necessary fields, such as email address and contact information, are filled out accurately.

2. Opt-in for review submissions: If you have previously opted out of submitting reviews, make sure to opt back in if you want to share your feedback with others. Adjust your settings accordingly by going into your account preferences and selecting the option to allow review submission.

3. Clear cache and cookies: Sometimes, technical issues can cause errors while trying to submit reviews. To prevent this from happening, regularly clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This helps ensure smooth functionality when interacting with online platforms.

4. Use a supported device and browser: Certain devices or browsers may not be fully compatible with review submission features on websites or applications.

5. Double-check network connectivity: Unstable internet connections can disrupt data transmission during the review submission process, leading to errors like “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out.” Verify that you have a stable internet connection before attempting submission.

6. Contact customer support: If all else fails and you continue experiencing difficulties submitting reviews despite following these tips, reach out directly to customer support for assistance. They may be able to troubleshoot specific issues related to your account or provide further guidance on resolving the error message encountered.

Alternative Options for Submitting Reviews

One option is to reach out directly to the business or website where you wanted to submit your review. Many businesses have customer service departments or contact forms that allow you to provide feedback. By contacting them directly, you can share your thoughts and experiences without relying on the traditional review submission process.

Another alternative is to explore other platforms or websites where reviews are accepted. The internet is vast and there are countless places where people share their opinions about products, services, and experiences. Look for forums, social media groups, or specialized review websites related to the industry of interest. These alternative platforms may not have the same visibility as popular review sites but they can still serve as an outlet for expressing your thoughts.


In this article, we have discussed the common error message “The User Trying to Submit Review Is Opted Out” and provided solutions on how to fix it. We understand how frustrating it can be when you encounter this issue while trying to submit a review.

We have highlighted some of the reasons why this error message may occur, such as opting out of data collection or privacy settings. However, we have also provided step-by-step instructions on how to solve the problem and successfully submit your review.

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